Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless, Rechargable Microphones and Adapters

Elite audio quality in boardroom-ready design

Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Mics on Charger


Revolabs Executive Elite™ microphones merge best-in-class audio with eye-catching design, setting the gold standard for excellence in wireless conference room audio. These innovative wireless microphones feature advanced technologies and extended capabilities

that ensure superior audio pickup and sound quality, improved signal-to-noise ratio, enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links, and a user-friendly interface.

Revolabs latest advances in the use of the available frequencies allow more Executive Elite microphones to be deployed and used in the same space. Depending on the application, 44 or more wireless microphones can be deployed per area or room in the Americas and Japan, and 76 or more microphones in Europe, Asia and most other countries. In larger installations, several Revolabs Executive Elite base DSP units can communicate wirelessly to coordinate their microphone channels automatically, freeing users from the task of manually assigning and reassigning channels.

For longer meetings, Executive Elite tabletop microphones work up to 20 hours on a single battery charge, even in high-RF settings with receivers up to 300 feet away. In addition, the microphones intelligently conserve power when they are not in use, enabling stand-by times of up to 72 hours with a remaining talk time of at least one hour. Revolabs Executive Elite tabletop microphones use standard AA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries, while the wearable microphone, XLR adapter and TA4 (mini XLR) adapter are powered by a lightweight sealed lithium ion battery with a talk time of up to eight hours.

Boasting a sophisticated Fortune 500 look and feel, the Executive Elite microphone line includes omnidirectional, wearable, gooseneck, and directional microphones, as well as XLR and TA4 adapters. The line’s stylish microphone charger tray lets you charge up to eight microphones of any type in the same charger simultaneously. Charge time for a tabletop microphone is approximately six hours.

Once removed from the charger and placed on the conference room table, the Executive Elite microphones are ready for use. A single-button interface enables easy muting and un-muting of microphones, while indicator lights clearly identify the mute status of each unit and make it visible to all meeting participants. The wearable microphone can be comfortably worn by a user on a lapel, shirt, or blouse; there’s no need for wires or a bulky battery pack. With the XLR adapter and the TA4 adapter, you can use existing microphones and make them wireless on the Executive Elite system.

Revolabs Executive Elite Crossover
Revolabs Cross-Over™ adapters give you the option of powering your microphones from mains electricity instead of batteries to ensure your microphones will work perfectly even in the longest meetings. The Cross-Over adapter allows for either variable installations in which conference participants can disconnect the microphone from the Cross-Over charger for placement anywhere on the table or permanent installations. In permanent installations, the microphone cannot be removed from the Cross-Over charger attachment.


Microphone Types:

Omnidirectional Tabletop Microphone

Revolabs Executive Elite Omnidirectional Microphone

The Revolabs Executive Elite tabletop omnidirectional wireless microphone is the perfect solution for audio and video conferencing in smaller conference rooms. It features a 360 degree pickup pattern to capture all speech above and around the microphone.

Uni-Directional Tabletop Microphone

Revolabs Executive Elite Directional Microphone

Perfect for applications ranging from audio and video conferencing in small conference rooms to voice amplification in large auditoriums, the Executive Elite directional tabletop microphones are specifically designed to pick up the speech of one to three people in front of the microphone.

Gooseneck Tabletop Microphone — 6 inches or 12 inches

Revolabs Executive Elite Gooseneck Microphones

For boardroom and conference settings where participants require individual microphones, Revolabs Executive Elite Gooseneck microphones provide the perfect solution in 6-inch and 12-inch versions.

12-inch and 6-inch versions displayed

Wearable Microphone

Revolabs Executive Elite Wearable Microphone

Presenter microphone for audio and video conferencing sporting a sleek, and compact design with a convenient clip for fastening to a lapel, shirt, or blouse.

Cross-Over Adapter

Revolabs Executive Elite Crossover Adapter

The Revolabs Executive Elite Cross-Over adapter allows constant powering of any tabletop microphone. The adapter comes with options for permanent placement of the microphone, or moveable microphones.

XLR Adapter

Revolabs Executive Elite XLR Adapter

The Revolabs Executive Elite XLR adapter plugs simply into any dynamic handheld microphone, instantly transforming the unit into a wireless microphone on the Executive Elite system for use in audio conferencing, video conferencing, voice amplification, and other applications.

TA4 (mini XLR) Adapter


The Executive Elite TA4 (mini XLR) adapter is ideal for broadcasters, announcers, and presenters who favor small lapel or over-the-ear microphones. This compact mini XLR adapter eliminates the need for bulky belt packs.

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